Doll makingsince 1996


is a company dedicated to the manufacture of dolls since 1996. Our products are original, made 100% in Spain


is to continue inspiring in the initial values of the company and we are based on the formula transmitted by our predecessors: the good work of a great professional team, plus the incorporation of new technologies

Our mission,

is to go through quality controls and safety investigations before the launch of each product.

We constantly invest in R&D in the development of new technologies.

Meet outmanufacturing:

We offer a wide catalog of dolls designed for homes, educational centers and hospitals. Girls and boys will develop values such as affectivity and responsibility. All Rauber doll production processes are subject to quality and testing procedures to ensure safety.
  • The craftsman models the doll in clay and the mold is made
  • Once the pieces are made, they are united to form the body
  • Details such as hair and wrinkles are applied and drawn
  • We make the pattern for the clothes and dresses the doll

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